Great Evil Humanity Is Facing

Brother and Sisters,

I am here to write to you of a great evil humanity is facing. No, I am not exaggerating. I am not being an alarmist either. But when there is sin we need to call it a sin because that is what it is. The scripture tells us, that if we see our brother sinning we should be pointing it to him.

Let us see the definition of a sin because many people fail to understand what is a sin. A sin is not doing something “wrong.” A sin is missing the mark with God. You see, two things need to happen for a sin to take place. One, God has to be in the picture and two, our action has to be away, off His will.

We all have heard of the sin of abortion. It is a terrible evil. But I am here to talk to you about an evil that is horribly greater than abortion. It is far more than just missing the mark. Evil is the absence of good. When you face evil, you cannot find good in it. Evil is completely dark.

In all the Bible, the book that I find most fascinating is Genesis. Yes, the New Testament is great. The Gospels are wonderful. But Genesis is the book that gives justification to the Gospels and the New Testament. The salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ was the result of a drama that took place in Genesis. There are some scripture scholars who would like to ignore the book of Genesis, specially Genesis 1-11 because it is incongruent with so-called science. Yet, I believe that by doing so they impoverish the manifestation of God’s love for us.

Let us go to Genesis and see how a tragedy took place. In Genesis 1:24 “And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds: cattle and creeping things and beast of the earth according to their kind. And it was so.” Now I want to comment there that in that single verse, the expression “according to their kinds” has been used twice . That means God created species.

Let’s go back to Genesis 20:21 “So God created …according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.” Again here, we see the reference to “according to their kinds”. You see, God created a great number of species, but separated them from each others. He established a biological separation between species.

Again we see in Genesis 1:25 that God made all these different species according to their kinds. “And God saw that it was good.” Just only in that single verse there is reference to “according to their kinds three times. This is here details about the foundation of creation in the earth. God intended to create separate, distinct species on the earth. It would be okay for each of the species to reproduce within their own species. But it is understood that God did not want, intended to blend the species. Thus, God did not intend to blend a goat and a spider. These are two different species intended to be separated and distinct.
Artificial Womb

This here is crucial. We are talking about the foundational structure of life on earth. This is here where the whole story starts. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Chapter sets up God as the cause, the beginning, the creator of everything, including the earth. There are some scripture scholars who claim that Genesis was not written as a book of science or biology. True, the intension of the writer to write the book of Genesis was not to write an empirical science text book. The book of Genesis is far more sophisticated than that. But it contains information about biology. And in this case, to use the modern word, genetics.

Let us go now to genesis 2:20 “…but for the man there was not found a helper fit for him.” Important passage. God sets Adam as master of the created world who names each animals by their own names, so he got to know them all. But Adam could not find a mate in anyone of them. Why? Because of the separation of species. God had imposed a separation of species. God had imposed a separation of species and Adam who was human could not blend himself with another species.

Picture by Kate Clark

I have spent a lot of time drilling on the tremendously importance of the separation of species imposed by God. In Genesis 2:17 we find the famous Tree of Knowledge of good and evil that both Adam and Eve are forbidden to eat. What that tells us is that not all knowledge is good. There is good knowledge and there is evil knowledge. It is a very important distinction. Evil knowledge does not necessarily have only to do with the occult, although it is part of it.

Evil is the absence of good. In another word it is possible to have a knowledge that has no goodness in it. Therefore that kind of knowledge is forbidden. What this passage of scripture tells us, is that not all forms of knowledge are good. It is not because you can know something that it is good for you.

A turning point takes place in the coming of the deceiver. Smooth, slick operator. He comes with subtlety. It is always about knowledge. Deception arrives at Genesis 3:4 “You will not die.” This knowledge is really good for you. Advantages. It’s really going to help you. It will solve your problems (did they have any problems?). Watch, Satan only talks about the advantage, the benefits and not the painful consequences.

What Satan used here is a tool called persuasion. This tool is still being applied even now in marketing. You have the right to know. Freedom of knowledge, academic pursuit. The more you get knowledge, the more you will be like God Genesis 3:5. My friends, Genesis is not about ions ago, although it is also that. But it is our own story, right now. We have institutions that claim to have the right to acquire knowledge. Where did they get that right from? Here is the deception, all knowledge is good specially if they are “approved”. Academic freedom, corporate freedom to do research. To develop, to make progress (whatever that means).

The serpent is Lucifer, this once upon the time highest angel of God’s creation. He had and still has great power and knowledge. He is a lier, a deceiver and a con artist. His voice can be heard even now, by promises. He describes to us a world of advantages, of possibilities, of all the conveniences. The speed, the easiness, the health advantages. Almost all the time, we fall victims of these deceptions like Eve in Genesis 3:6 who saw the tree was good, delightful and desirable.

Lucifer, the fallen angel who became an angel against God and therefore Satan, did not show to Eve the terrible consequence of disobeying God. The lost of the tree of life and the ability to live forever Genesis 3:22. We have lost happiness and the ability to live forever because we listened or rather our forefather and mother listened to the deceptive voice of Satan telling us to get the forbidden knowledge and use it to be like God.

We are about to repeat that same mistake right now in the twenty first century. Same voice of Satan, same deception, same story, same promise and same destruction. However, this time there is no way out. The first time, God provided a plan of salvation. But this time around, we make the final ultimate decision. If we mess around again, there is no other salvation plan. Those who refuse to be deceived will be saved. Those who chose to listen to the voice of deception will be lost.

There are men and women in public and private institutions who have acquired great knowledge about the very fundamental structure of life. DNA is the basic building block of all life on earth. There is a kind of knowledge they have acquired to manipulate the genetic make up of any organism on this planet. This is no hidden knowledge. This is no conspiracy theories or whatever. This is our everyday reality, openly spoken and acted upon. Nothing secret. They are telling it to us in our face and most of us don’t understand. We do not hear the voice of a serpent, what we hear is the voice of people called scientist, experts.

I am talking about big money, billion of dollars. This is something that is going on in a great number of countries. This is something practiced by big, large international corporation with the support of governments. There is a powerful social movement that is already organized and very militant. Scientists have learned to manipulate at will the genetic make up of any animal, plants and human. And their intentions are hellish.

Think about it. Back in 1980 did you ever thought of the world as it is now with the Internet and mobile phones? No. There is a revolution that took place and that changed the world. There is another revolution taking place right now that is 100 times bigger but that will change both humanity and life on this planet forever and it is genetic modification.

TranshumanThese people are talking about re-doing human beings. Remaking human beings based on their conception. Creating a new human being, human being 2.0. We are talking about a very small group of powerful and influential people who want to play around with the genetic make up of life on earth and be god. These are no people who believe in the God that I spoke about in Genesis. These are people who believe they are so smart that they can be god.

Cloning is not something that most of us don’t know. We all have heard of animals in the lab that have been cloned. This is old science. The assumption has been that human beings cannot be cloned because there are laws against cloning human beings. This is a simplistic and naïve and pathetic assumption. For organizations that wields tremendous power, whose assets amount to the sum total of the GNP of many countries and that are basically transnational, there is no accountability to what they do. Their work and research is secret.

Human cloning represents a tremendous financial advantage to those organizations. Cloning for the harvesting of organs, life extension offers powerful motivations. In addition, a great social impact can be presented. Can governments, corporations create human clones for their purpose as slave labor? Laws are obviously not sufficient to deal with this issue. In fact laws are created by the alliance of governments and corporations and would always be written in the light of financial interest. It is a moral issue. I am not talking about ethics. A godless, atheist, even occult practitioner can study and have a job about ethics. I am talking about morality. That is the application of natural laws with God and His revelation as a basis of judgment.

My friends, understand what is going on right now. Very powerful corporations with colossal financial might who employ the best and brightest scientists in the world, play with the fundamental structure of life like little children who play with building blocks or with Lego’s. These people have absolutely no idea what they are doing. They have just learned how to isolate the building blocks of life and they just goof around with them with absolutely no wisdom.

These people have learned to take the genetic make up of one species and mix it with the genetic make up of another species. It’s call splicing and they have great fun doing that. For example, they blended the genes of a cat with the genes of a monkey and the genes from the jellyfish to produce “a cat that glows in the dark”, very cute. Is it amazing? But then where is the temptation? Well they offer the idea of the cat to glow in the dark as a brilliant attempt to figure out the cure for AIDS. Haven’t we heard that before? Yes, in Genesis 3:4-5. This is offered as an advantage, a good thing, to cure AIDS. This is the temptation and it is deadly.

This science is called Transgenic. The mixing of genes from one species with another. Remember we see how God separated species, not allowing the mixing of one species with another. Well, these guys are doing it.

Men are doing away with species separation. These are people who don’t believe in God. They certainly don’t believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. By enlarge these are people who are at best spiritually blind. Their religion is empirical science. They believe in evolution. And they believe that they are so smart that they can do anything they want. But above all, they are just childish. Like children, they are just curious and think that since they know how to do something then they owe to do it, regardless of the consequence.

The people who are heading and developing the science of genetically modified food (GMO), cloning and transhumanism have their allegiance to the serpent, Lucifer. They intend to defile God’s creation and ultimately to destroy it.

In transhumanism, they are mixing genes from different species, creating new forms of life. For example, they blended the genes of a goat with the genes of a spider. The result is a new life form in the form of a goat who produces fibers that are stronger then steel. Of course many advantages are provided with those kind of genetic structures. For one thing, medical benefits are always provided. And again the same pretext are given, better, faster, easiest, more convenient.

Right now, we are living a repeat of the error, of the mistake of the deception that our ancestors Adam and Eve fell into with destructive consequence. The dream of the transhuman is to change humanity. To change human being from a genetic perspective to the point that he will no longer be human, not in the sense that God created him originally. He will be a revised version of human being, human 2.0.
Child 2.0

Understand that these people have a design, they have a plan for you and for your descendants if they would allow you to have any. And they are not consulting you in their design. They believe that they are the experts and that they know what is best for you. Their intention is to recreate human being yet to the point that he will no longer be human. Their talk, writing, presentation has always a benevolent face, yet, their intent is malefic.

These are people from governments, corporations, foundations who believe that they have the power to create a new breed of life, Human 2.0 would be the genetic blending of homosapiens with the genetic of animals. Combining human DNA with the DNA of a wolf, an eagle and fish, the result would be what they consider a “superior being.” Here, we see the old dream and aspiration of the mad philosopher Nietzsche who wanted to create a “superman”.

Although Nietzsche died insane, his demonic, Luciferic dream lived on through the Nazi and presently through the Transhumanist. The superman, the super soldier who can accomplish tasks that no ordinary human can do. In Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image and in verse 31 God saw everything that he had made, and behold it was very good. No, the Transhumanist say it was not good. God didn’t do a good job. Him, the Tranhumanist can do a better job than God.

At a deeper level, these are people who have a hatred against God. Their rage is really against God. This is what we as Christians need to understand. These people are not concern about curing cancer or AIDS, or cardiovascular problems or whatever disease there are. Medical benefits are just an excuse because they know that using that pretext will not bring opposition. Therefore they will be left free to do as they will. But these are people who are animated by hatred against God to the point that they want to deface God’s creation.

If cloning, transhumanism, Chimeras is not enough, these people believe that they can blend human beings with machines. Is it possible? They offer a lot of evidence to the effect. But what are they trying to accomplish? They want the end of human beings, period. So they talk about creating a cyborg, part human, part machine. Again the idea of being superior, even immortal.

We can see the theme of Genesis, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There is good knowledge. Most of the time it is rejected for the knowledge of evil, even if it is presented as a good, beneficial thing. The lie of Genesis is still manifesting itself to us even now. The lie that we can be like God, without Him. That is the deception. Satan is smart and cunning. We have been created in the image of God. We were already like God. We did not need to eat from the Tree of knowledge. The deception of Satan was to make us believe that we were not like God, but we can be like Him without Him, outside of Him.

That option sounded great to Adam and Eve. But Satan didn’t tell them the consequence of that action. No, they wouldn’t be like God, but even worst, they’ll be kick out of Paradise, live in pain and suffering and die. In another word, hell. Satan wants company…

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